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Article: New item Carchette is now available!


New item Carchette is now available!

Carchette, the series of carrying case & pouch goes on sale now!

Product Features

  • Useful in daily school life

Carchette Carrying Case become an instant drawer by opens the case to flat and come in an under-desk shelf. It also can stand on its own when opened to 90 degrees, so you can save spaces such as cafes and libraries. The Carchette Carrying Pouch can become in a tray shape by opening the inner side-zipper.


  • Sturdy material protects your item from dirt and damage

Carchette is made of EVA which is durable and hard enough to protect your items inside.


  • Portable with an attached shoulder belt.
Carchette comes with a length-adjustable shoulder belt, making it easy to carry. The shoulder belt comes with the Carrying Case including a shoulder pad.


  • Mesh pockets for easy sorting

Carchette Carrying Case has three sizes of inner mesh pockets.
・Ideal for textbooks and documents that are up to A4 size, as well as laptops that measure up to 14 inches.
・Suitable for smaller items such as planners and calculators.
・A pocket with a partition in the middle makes it easy for organizing items that tend to be messed up, such as sticky notes, stopwatchs, cables, etc.

Carchette Carrying Pouch has a mesh pocket on one side for keeping small items.

  • You can find the best size from three sizes based on what you want to put in.

Carchette Carrying Case wide size

For plenty of school supplies such as thick textbooks.

Carchette Carrying Case slim size

For small amounts of school supplies.

Carchette Carrying Pouch

For all small items together that tend to be messed.