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Article: How to Decorate Your Journal Pages


How to Decorate Your Journal Pages

Want to make a creative journal?

In this blog post, we're going to share the decorating idea with KING JIM products to help get you started in your own creative journal!

1. Prepare a notebook

Prepare a handy sized notebook or a diary with your favorite design. HITOTOKI NOTE has a dot-grid and ruled line, making it ideal for decorating.


2. Select a topic

Select a topic you would like to write about in your journal. Your hobbies, favorite foods, places you have been recently, etc. would be good. Here, we have selected “matcha green tea” as a topic!

Then prepare the stickers and pictures you want to use. Decorate the notebook in color shades that match the topic. (For the topic of matcha, green is the perfect color!) 

3. Arrange a background

Roughly make a frame using large shaped stickers on the page. With Masking Tape Book, large shaped sticker can be easily cut out along the ruled lines!

4. Put stickers and pictures on

Fill small spaces with various shapes and colors of stickers freely. COFFRET is the best sticker that you can enjoy layering because of their translucent material.  You don't have to worry if you make a mistake because it is easy to re-stick.

To create a unified look of the page, keep in mind to use the total number of colors to three. Also a good idea to put the stickers across the pages.

Aren't you good at writing letters like calligraphy? If so, try using TEPRA! You can print stylish letters easily by using the label printer TEPRA.


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5. Write the text in the remaining space

Write down dates, headings, and your impressions in the remaining space.

Write the text in the remaining space


It's done!

See the full version movie below.