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Article: Unlock Your Productivity with KING JIM Functional Files!


Unlock Your Productivity with KING JIM Functional Files!

We KING JIM are the inventor of revolutionary files.

In this blog post,  we would like to introduce you to four files with unique features.
You will be amazed at their functionality how functional they are compared to ordinary files!

#1 Jilitz Clear File

JILITZ Clear File features its uniqueness that it is free-standing with its stand attached to the cover.


It saves space better than usual by free-standing, so you can spread out materials even on small spaces. It also helps you to view recipe pages while cooking or music scores while playing the guitar without any stresses!

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#2 Holsack Holder File

Holsack Holder File can hold clear folders like a booklet with just inserting them. Not blocking the opening, documents are easy to read and can be taken out while clear file folders are in.


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NANAMEKURI File allows you to read as you turn pages in a document as if they were stapled. By just inserting paper into the stopper, you can write down without taking out documents.

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#4 SAND IT Document Holder

SAND IT helps you easily organize documents by just throwing them in. It is unique in that its elastic string adjusts the thickness in accordance with the contents.

In addition to documents, clear file holders and thick booklets can also be stored. 2 tabs for classifying contents are inside.

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